Coaching Youth Football Defense

50% of the time, when a youth defense fails, it is because one or more players did not use good tackling technique. Tackling is a skill where the natural way kids tackle is awful. They want to grab the shirt of the opponent with their hand and a half dozen other abominations. That means you must use a large dose of drilling to get them to do it right.

I did a ten-minute-a-night, half-speed, form-tackling drill every night of the season for all defensive players. And I made any player who used poor technique in scrimmage leave scrimmage for remedial tackling practice. That fixed the problem. Nothing less would.

About 40% of defensive failures are caused by a player not knowing his responsibilities or deliberately abandoning his responsibilities. You fix the not knowing by repeatedly walking through the several different categories of offensive plays against your defense:

inside runs




quarterback passes

halfback passes

Certain team drills must be done correctly full-speed at least once each โบนัสฟรี ufabet week, namely:

wide-play pursuit drill

pass-pursuit drill

You fix deliberate abandonment of responsibilities by disciplining the player in question or replacing him with one who is more obedient. I once had another coach’s son, an excellent athlete, in a key defensive position. But the player insisted on doing his own thing instead of taking care of his assigned responsibilities. As a result, attacks at his area of responsibility often succeeded because he had gone off somewhere else. I reduced his responsibilities by changing his position until he was in a position where he had so little to do he could hardly screw it up. Had the season lasted longer, I would have removed him entirely from the defense. A defender who does his own thing needs to find another sport.