Football Field Goal Distance in 2 Easy Steps

During football season it is often frustrating to watch a game and understand what is going on. No other sport can turn a room full of people into a room full of screaming fans. And the reasoning is that it is such an easy game to watch, but difficult to understand. No other sport in the United States draws the millions of weekly viewers. During your time of watching you will reach a period when you start to ask some questions.

Inevitably at the end of watching a few games you will see a field goal determine the game. Field goals are the easiest points for a team, but also the most nerve-wracking. The ball is on the 35 yard line, and the announcer states it is a 52 yard kick attempt? Either the announcer is drunk again, or something isn’t adding up. I will explain the distance calculation that every coach does on the sideline during those calculating seconds. So let me show you how in 2 easy steps you can understand what determines field goal distance. ลิ้งค์ทางเข้า ufabet

Step 1

Determine the spot of the ball. Whatever yard line the referee places the ball take that number. Start to get ready for this when you see the kicker on the sideline warming up by kicking into the net.

Step 2

Add 17 to figure field goal distance. 17 is the number they add to decide field goal distance because from the goal line to the field goal post is 10 yards, and the standard snap for a field goal is 7 yards.

So now let’s give a hypothetical situation.

Tied game. Your team drives the ball to the 35 yard line and calls a timeout with 3 seconds left. The kicker comes on the field. You do some quick math and realize that:

35+17 = 52 yard kick attempt. You offer up a prayer, close your eyes, and know that you will buy season tickets next year or take up golfing on Sundays.

So now next time you are with your friends say how far a field goal would be before the announcer. You can then wow them like Madden and leave them asking for more. Which will leave you looking like the football genius, and your friends looking like the water boy. So go out there watch some football and enjoy it with a deeper understanding. And know that even those professional’s out there sometimes miss a call or forget a rule, so don’t get to frustrated with your understanding.